Planning Stage

  • Facility design consulting
  • Agency evaluation and selection
  • Regulatory requirements necessary to obtain accreditation and Medicare certification
  • Preparation of all application materials related to accreditation and Medicare certification
  • Facility site inspection and evaluation

Developmental Stage

  • Preparation of all policy and procedure manuals for the ASC to ensure compliance with the highest level of standards based on accreditation and Medicare certification
  • Forms for accreditation and Medicare certification compliance
  • Planning equipment and ordering medical supplies and pharmaceuticals
  • Creation of documentation checklists and record-keeping forms (logs)
  • Mock surveys and walk-throughs
  • Staff training and education
  • HIPAA implementation and compliance
  • Medication management
  • Personnel files
  • Quality management and Benchmarking
  • Risk Management
  • Peer review
  • Clinical records
  • Physician credentialing and privileging
  • Help secure ancillary service contracts (linen, hazardous waste, biomedical emergency transport)
  • Preparation of governance materials, as required to meet the appropriate standards, including medical staff by-laws, etc.

Accreditation Support

  • Quality improvement and risk management assistance
  • Updates for manuals and protocols for licensure
  • Medicare certification compliance and accreditation standards
  • Mock surveys
  • Staff education program


  • ASI provides assistance with completing your plan of corrections (Form CMS-2567) addressing statement of deficiencies.